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A Useful Tutorial on How to Delete a Facebook Account

by Jelena Martinec

We all have a vague idea about how Facebook is tracking us and collecting our data, but most don’t realize the scope of the matter. That’s why knowing how to delete a Facebook account may be useful to many who want more privacy when on the Web.

I read an insightful article in The Washington Post that discusses how Facebook can track you even outside of this platform. The amount of data being collected and sold about individuals is greater than we would believe. Many people realize this, but for most, it’s still at a conspiracy level.

Facebook is not alone in this. Remember that Instagram is also owned by Facebook, and every website that has a Facebook sharing or liking option is also a part of the picture. That’s why many people are choosing to delete their Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. 

This article is a simple guide on how to delete a Facebook account for anyone who is thinking about doing it:

Things to Consider Before You Delete a Facebook Account

Before you choose to permanently delete an account on Facebook there are a few things to note. 

  1. Messenger will no longer be available when you delete your Facebook. All the messages you had exchanged over the years on this app will be lost and you will need to create a new account to use Messenger again. However, if you just deactivate your account, your profile won’t be visible on Facebook, but you can still use Messenger with the contacts you have, or send Messenger requests to new people.
  2. Download all files you’ve posted on Facebook and save them on your device. That way you won’t lose all the photos you’ve posted over the years or the ones other people had tagged you in. When you open the Facebook app, tap the three-bar button. Scroll down and select Settings
Go to Facebook App Settings

Then, scroll down the Settings menu and find the section titled Your Information. There you will find a Download Your Information option. Select what type of data you want to save and tap the Create file option at the bottom of the page.

Download Your Information on Facebook Messenger App

It will take a few days to create the file that you can download and save.

  1. Sever the link between your Facebook account and other apps or websites. Even if you delete your account on Facebook, they can still track your behavior on other apps like Spotify. To find out what are the places connected to your FB account, go to Settings again and select Apps and Websites.
Select Apps and Websites

The Steps to Deleting Your FB Account

Open the Facebook app on your smartphone and tap the three-bar button in the upper-right corner of the screen and go to Settings.

Go to Facebook App Settings

Next, tap the first option in the Settings menu titled Personal and Account InformationSelect Account Ownership and Control.

Account Ownership and Control in Facebook App

You can choose to deactivate or delete a Facebook account. When you just deactivate it, you can still use the Messenger app or reactivate it simply by logging in with your username and password. Check the Delete Account option and the blue Continue to Account Deletion button.

Pick one of the options listed and disclose the reason why, or just tap the Continue to Account Deletion button and skip this step. Then tap Delete my account to finish the process.

Your account will be permanently deleted after 30 days of completing the deletion process. That means you can retrieve it if you log in before that time period ends.

Final Note

It’s easy to delete a Facebook account, unlike Instagram where the option to delete your account is difficult to locate. Nevertheless, we hope this article was useful in helping you learn how to do it.

Whether you don’t agree with the privacy terms of the app, or you think you spend too much time in the app, you can always delete it or deactivate it and take a break. You may find that you don’t miss out on anything important without a profile and even start to enjoy it.

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