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Top 5 Christmas Apps to Get You in a Holiday Mood

by Gordan Perisic

December is here so the colorful and jolly Christmas season is soon to be upon us. Besides watching Christmas-themed movies, videos, and shorts, a great way to immerse yourself in the holiday season is to get your phone in the Xmas mood. We have outlined some great Christmas apps and an honorable mention that will give your Android phone a wintery Advent makeover. 

Let us take a look at our top 5 Christmas apps list for Android, all of which you can download for free on the app store.

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Christmas Countdown

One of the well-known and beloved rituals before Christmas is the all-familiar advent calendar countdown. Nothing beats gathering with family and friends and counting the days until Christmas, waiting for that magical evening together. Therefore, we have selected an adorable little Christmas app called the Christmas Countdown that will help you with this time-honored tradition. You can enjoy a fun snowy countdown and unwarp a little gift every day of Advent.

Christmas Countdown Android App

Additionally, this countdown app is not a one-trick pony, it has tons of other features as well. For starters, you can choose from a plethora of visually-pleasing Christmas themes. They feature characters like Santa, his reindeer, Mary and Joseph, various cute snowmen, and much more.

You can even find those with Christmas trees and snowy wonderlands. Simply relax on your smartphone, watch the snow falling, and count down the Advent on your screen. 

Christmas Wallpapers and Christmas Wallpaper

In this entry, we have two Christmas apps with very similar names but different approaches to the Xmas theme. The first one is called Christmas Wallpapers and features a bundle of incredible home and lock screen covers. All of them are of course Xmas-themed and look stunning. You can pick and choose and set a different one each day to create your very own mysterious and magical holiday phone aesthetic.

Christmas Wallpapers and Christmas Wallpaper App Android

Another way to create an immersive Christmas atmosphere is with the Christmas Wallpaper app. As we mentioned, while the name sounds similar, it is quite a different approach. This live wallpaper app offers a fully animated ambiance with a fireplace, a Christmas tree, and some beautiful decorations. The lights will shine dynamically and the fire will seem life-like to create a calming wintery Christmas evening on your phone.

Christmas Booth

Another exciting and creative addition to your Xmas app repertoire can be the Christmas Booth. This app is just what it sounds like, take a picture on your phone and pop it in the booth. You will then be able to edit it and add a whole lot of different decorations to it. Decorate your picture with a Santa hat or beard, reindeer horns, Christmas trees, elf clothes, and much more.

Christmas Photo Booth App

It is a perfect little montage maker made to embellish your holiday pics. We really like the creative aspect of the Christmas booth. The photo studio experience that it offers allows everyone to create their own unique photos. So share this with your family and friends and enjoy the numerous creations by your loved ones.

Christmas Theme

We can’t talk about smartphone apps without mentioning themes, and there is an excellent Christmas Theme app on the store that you can get. As with all great themes, it features a free icon pack for your phone along with some neat wallpapers.

Christmas Theme App

It will change all your icons into Christmas decorations, treats, and critters. You can also find gift-shaped icons, snowmen, jingle bells, and Santa. Your phone will look so pretty and Christmassy that it will be difficult to switch back after the holidays.

Christmas Radio

A lot of us enjoy smooth Christmas jams during the holiday season and this app is for us. The Christmas Radio app is an online streaming Xmas radio station. You can find all your favorite holiday songs here and you will definitely hear some new ones. There are numerous stations that you will want to listen to that include countless genres. They all have something to do with Christmas, be it the lyrics, the instruments, or the spirit of the song.

Christmas Radio App

Additionally, the Christmas Radio app allows you to play music in the background. This is a great feature for a lot of reasons, mainly surfing the web while you listen to your favorite holiday jams. As we mentioned, there are a lot of genres including Classics, Jazz, Country, Rock n’ Roll, and much more. Simply download it from the app store for free, fire up your favorite station, and kick back with some relaxing Xmas tunes. It is a great alternative to YouTube playlists.

Honorable Mention – Christmas Gift List

Above all, the holiday season is all about family, friends, and gift-giving. The Christmas Gift List app allows you to keep a detailed record of all the gifts you plan to give to your loved ones. It is highly accessible and easy to use with curated recommendations from the app itself. You can browse around online stores and add items to your list for later reviews.

Christmas Gift List App

Furthermore, it has an excellent visual design with pictures for your gifts so you can easily recognize your ideas when you come back after a while. You can use the list to claim items to purchase with notifications to keep you informed when a new product is added. Budget tracking is also a feature that helps with management. It truly is a great gift-giving helper, just make sure not to share the list with the ones you are buying gifts for or you will spoil the surprise. 


We hope you are excited about the Christmas season as we are. These outlined Christmas apps will surely help you get in the holiday spirit and immerse you in the Xmas aesthetic. As we mentioned, you can get them all for free on the app store. Now track that Advent calendar and share these interesting apps with your loved ones as Christmas approaches.

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