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How to Write an Amazing Instagram Caption

by Jelena Martinec

It’s true that Instagram is mostly about images, but the caption is a detail that can complete a post. Writing an Instagram caption should reflect your personal style. So make sure you have a clear vision about what it is YOU like to say and what vibe you want to create beforehand. Then be consistent. 

Besides the style aspect, a caption can also have a function depending on the type of profile. 

Are you trying to sell a product?

Is your Instagram meant to educate or entertain?

Do you just want to curate a personal album?

All these things determine the content of a profile, and therefore the caption. 

In this article, you will learn useful tips and tricks for writing an effective and unique Instagram caption, whether you have a business or personal Instagram profile:

General Writing Tips

An instagram caption is not a novel, but a few writing suggestions may come in handy. This short list is not finite. Once you begin writing, you will gain more knowledge over time with research and experience. 

Use Various Fonts

Having different font styles makes reading a caption dynamic and eye-catching. We always view the entire text at first glance, and seeing a big chunk of words can be off putting. 

Highlight keywords and phrases with ALL CAPS. If you do that well, the reader will know the crucial point of the post and want to read it thoroughly. 

Another cool trick is using different font styles. This is where you can get creative and show off your profile’s aesthetic. You can find font styles for Instagram on the Instagram font generator site. Simply type in your caption and choose a font that will set your profile apart from others.

Use Various Fonts in Instagram App

Using stickers is cool too, but don’t overdo it.

Space Out a Larger Text

Seeing a huge chunk of text is the number one pushback for your readers. So create shorter passages with 1 to 4 sentences that are logically grouped together under the banner of a single idea or emotion. Then separate them with single space lines. 

You can even group them together using a bulleted list. Listing points that are gradually more important appears engaging. 

Write Multiple Captions

This is a relatively new option that was much needed. When you want to post an Instagram carousel, you can write alternative captions for each image. This is especially handy if you are advertising multiple products or when you want to tell a story. 

To do this, choose the images you want to post, then tap Next. Go to the Advanced Settings menu at the bottom of the list.

Instagram New Post Advanced Settings

Once inside, tap the Write Alt Text option and type a caption for each photo.

Tips to Improve Writing Style

Writing is something anyone can master. Some people are born with talent, but it is a skill after all that takes practice.

The most important rule of language is saying all that needs to be said with the least amount of words. Write your initial thought down, then go over it again and erase anything that is redundant.

Using figurative language can be thought-provoking and fun for the reader. Try to write using images, symbols, metaphors and similes. It activates the creative part of the mind and makes memorizing facts much easier.

Avoid using the word very. It’s boring and repetitive. You can easily browse the Web for more effective synonyms. So instead of writing very simple or very short, use basic and brief. There is an excellent YouTube video about how to improve your Vocabulary: Stop saying VERY!

Instagram Captions for Brands and Businesses

Curating an Instagram account for a business is all about marketing. That fact should always be present when writing a caption is involved. So imagine that you are an individual from the target audience and write what you would like to see.

Increase the Reach of Your Post

If you have a business account, it’s important to reach your target audience. Instagram has a lot of options to do this, but you can do it through Instagram captions as well. The easiest way is by using #hashtags. This might be an obvious and well-known point, but it’s an unavoidable part of captions for businesses and brands, so we included it as a friendly reminder for any newcomer. 

Since it’s just a technical part of a post irrelevant to your followers, write the hashtags at the bottom of the caption so as not to distract readers. 

Use Hashtags in Instagram Caption

A good tip is to tag other Instagram pages that are related to the post. Instagram is all about building connections.

Make It Engaging

The key is building a strong connection with your followers. You should always focus on what is important to them. So ask questions in your caption and really focus on writing things that might be useful for them. 

It’s something you can do in Instagram stories by creating polls and quizzes.

A good tip is to organize giveaways as well. Gift your followers something that may be useful to them. This is a great way to increase your reach, too. Ask them to share the post on Instagram stories, tag people, etc. We all know how basic giveaways work. You can also make it as a quiz.

Writing an Effective CTA

CTA stands for Call to Action. It’s a copywriting term that means writing in a way that prompts your readers to perform the desired action.

You want to motivate your audience by creating sentences that are effective and impactful. So try to avoid the passive voice, and weak adverbs and adjectives. Instead, use the imperative form and make a bold statement. Emphasize the benefits your readers will get by performing said action.

This, of course, takes us back to knowing the needs and problems of your target audience. Don’t just post for the sake of posting.

Instagram Caption Ideas for Personal Accounts

If you are not feeling creative, you can always find a quote to match your post. Have a notebook where you can list your favorite quotes from movies, songs or books. 

Keep it minimal and write just one sentence or less that will capture the feeling or thought you are trying to convey with your post. Browse the Internet and save Instagram caption ideas that inspire you and match your style. A great YouTube account dedicated to helping build a unique Instagram aesthetic is dreamershope.

Find More Instagram Caption Ideas Online


Writing an amazing Instagram caption depends on what YOU are trying to accomplish with your Instagram profile. It’s all about developing a style that’s true to you or to the brand/business. There are, however, basic rules to follow to make captions readable to followers. 

The key is to make captions clear and relevant. It’s a significant starting point for anyone trying to improve their writing skills. 

Write an Instagram caption idea, then read it yourself and imagine you are a member of your audience. 

Write what is useful and meaningful. 

And bring your Instagram game to the next level with these tips. 

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