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How to Use the Close Friends List on Instagram

by Gordan Perisic

The Close Friends Instagram feature is a great addition to your Instagram account you can use for more private Stories. If you are curious about how to add people to the close friend list on Instagram, it is a simple process you can do on your profile setting tab. Essentially, it allows you to create a privatized list of followers who are dear to you and share your content only with them. 

Let us take a look at how to add close friends on Instagram as well as some extra things you can do with the list. From posting private stories and reels to creating a VIP list, the Close Friends feature is full of options.

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How to Make a Close Friends List on Instagram

The first step of this feature is to actually make a close friends list on Instagram. You can do this exclusively on your mobile phone app on your profile page. Follow these steps.

  • Open your Instagram app and go to your profile by tapping your picture on the bottom right.
1. Go to Your Profile Instagram App
  • Then, tap the three vertical lines on the top right beside the Create a Post button.
2. Tap Three Lines Icon Instagram
  • In the following menu, towards the bottom, you will find the Close Friends option.
3. Instagram Close Friends Option
  • When you open it you will see a list of all your followers. From here you can tap on the circle to the right of your follower and add them to your Close Friends list.
4. See List of Followers Instagram
  • Alternatively, you can use the search bar on the top to look for a specific follower by name. When you are finished making your list, tap the blue Done button to finalize the process.
5. Add Instagram Followers to Close Friends List

Once you are done, your list will be created for you. The neat thing is that each person’s Close Friends list is private and cannot be viewed by other people. On the other hand, your followers will be able to see your Story that is specifically for close friends. Stick around for how to make a Close Friends Story on Instagram.

What Is Close Friends on Instagram

The Close Friends list allows you to create a private list of followers that can see your Instagram content. This feature serves as a sort of virtual VIP club for your dearer friends and family. You can only use this feature for Stories and Reels, it cannot be applied to regular posts. Restricting access to regular posts on your feed is reserved for the Block function.

That being said, the Close Friends feature is a great way for limiting who can see your content and personalizing your audience. As we mentioned, it is fully private so no one can see your list or formally request to be added to it.

Additionally, besides creating a small network of your favorite people, it also serves as a private messaging group. You can share your special daily moments with your closest followers without having to send them all a private message. Speaking of which, it is a great alternative to Direct Messaging.

How to Edit Close Friends on Instagram

Whenever you feel like it, you can edit Close Friends on Instagram. This option is usually reserved for clearing your list fully, adding new followers to it, or removing someone. This is how to edit close friends on Instagram.

  • While in your Instagram app, go to your profile on the bottom right.
6. Go to Your Instagram Profile
  • Open the Settings section by tapping the three vertical lines icon on the top right.
7. Tap the Three Vertical Lines Instagram
  • Select the Close Friends option from the new menu.
8. Select Close Friends Option Instagram App
  • Untap any checked followers to remove them.
9. Untap Checked Followers in Instagram App
  • Alternatively, add new ones or click on the Clear All option on the right to erase your Close Friends list. Same as before, when you are finished, tap the blue Done button on the bottom.

When you have finished editing, your list will update automatically and you can start sharing with the new list. Editing Close Friends is an important option for those moments when you meet someone new or lose contact with an existing person.

How to Make a Close Friends Story on Instagram

If you were wondering how to make a Close Friends Story on Instagram, do not worry as it takes no extra steps during creation. It is simply an added feature to creating a Story that can be done with a touch of a button. Just make sure you have already created your Close Friends list.

  • To make a Close Friends Story on Instagram, first record your Story. You can do this by selecting your profile picture on the top left where it says Your Story.
Tap on Profile Picture
  • Then, once you have recorded your story and finished editing, you will be able to see the Close Friends button at the bottom of the screen. Tap this button instead of the regular publish icon to post a Story only for your Instagram Close Friends.
12. Tap the Close Friends Button

Additionally, you can also share your Reels with close friends. The process is entirely the same when you are sharing your Reels via a Story. In any case, simply tap on the Close Friends button at the bottom while posting.

How to Make a Close Friends Story on Instagram

As you have seen there are many benefits of the Instagram Close Friends feature. However, these positives do not just cover having a personalized friend list. The advantages of the Instagram Close Friends list can be for business as well. For example, if you have a business account you can add your best clients to your Close Friends list so only they can see your best promotions. This works the same way for any updates, announcements, and other promotions you may have for your brand.

2. Benefits of Instagram Close Friends

Furthermore, you can make Instagram Story Polls for a select group of people each time. This can be done by editing Close Friends as we showed you for each Story. Essentially, you can at all times customize who can see your Story for each specific Story. This opens up plenty of opportunities for engaging with specific members of your audience for whatever need you may have.

All in all, the Close Friends Instagram feature is a well-rounded and versatile option. It can be used for a lot of things during your Instagram carrier. Whether it is strictly casual for your private account or business-related for your content creation account, you have plenty of options. Just remember, you can at all times customize your Close Friends list to suit your needs.


  • What do Close Friends mean on Instagram?

The Close Friends list Instagram feature is essentially a private list of followers, that you determine, who can see your Stories. This only applies to Stories you post for Close Friends specifically.

  • Can anyone see your close friends list on Instagram?

No, your Close Friends list is entirely private and no one can see it or request to be on it formally.

  • How many close friends can you have on Instagram?

Currently, there is no set limit for the list.

  • Does Instagram notify followers when you remove them from your Close Friends list?

No, edits to your Instagram Close Friends list are entirely private.

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